January Favorites 2019

Hey Glam Fam, I thought I would show you my favorite body creams, because it’s cold as a witch’s tit outside, my skin gets so dry, I want to run a fork up and down my legs, I picked out my favorite, most moisturizing and wonderful scented creams to share with you to help us all get through the freeze.

Anddddd, to go with that, I added my favorite fragrance mists for the cold weather.

Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds. The Shea butter cream is super rich and creamy, I don’t know about the 24 hours lasting power, but I always pick the body cream over the lotion when it comes to Bath & Body Works.

This combo is deliciously sweet. A pink fluffy cloud of marshmallow peeps surround you while you float into a pool of vanilla whipped cream. I just made that up and it’s pretty much a spot on description of what this smells like.

Any fan of gourmands will love it.


Aveeno Baby Lavender And Vanilla Calming Comfort lotion.

I kid you not(no pun intended) I have been using this for close to a decade. One time they recalled it and in a frenzied panic, I drove to every store from here to Daytona Beach trying to buy up the remaining ones. It was gone for a while and I was sad faced. They finally brought it back after 6 months or so and I bought like 10.

It’s a very comforting lavender, vanilla scented rich lotion that is amazing. Very moisturizing and stress relieving.


Queen Latifah: Queen.

My Queen! This is a discontinued scent, but the body butter is still available of eBay and I suggest you trot on over and pick one up. They’re very cheap and the perfect scented cream for winter. If you live for the spicy sweet scents, Queen will have you bowing at her Majesty.


Palmers Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E.

Smells like chocolate and makes your skin soft AF. How can you pass that up? A bargain buy that is literally available everywhere.

La vie est Belle Exquisite Fragrance creme

Exquisite indeed. Smells like La Vie Est Belle, but at a fraction of the cost. AND you only need very little to smell delicious for the whole day. It’s sparkly too!


Bath and Body’s Dark Kiss Fragrance mist.

Black raspberries, sugarplums and incense. This is my favorite, absolute FAVORITE Bath and Body scent ever! It’s very sweet and very good. Do yourself a favor. They bring it back every so often, but it’s always available online.


Flower’s Cherished:

Sweet, spicy vanilla powder scent. This is my favorite of the Flower brand. I have not tried any new 2019 ones however. This is pretty long lasting for a mist and it is the sweetest of Drew Barrymore’s fragrances. This is wonderful in the cold weather and can be mixed with your perfumes such as Prada Candy. Delish!


Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Love

I know, I know, everyone chooses the Fancy original caramel scent for winter, but I just can’t come to terms with that one. I will continue to try, but for now, this one is my go to fragrance mist for life. It’s a lighter version than the perfume, yet still longer lasting than it’s inspiration: Burberry Woman. I love Burberry Woman, but if you ask me which one I reach for, Fancy Love wins. Good sillage for a mist and everyone like it.


That’s all folks! Happy Superbowl Weekend and hey, why not hop on over to my YouTube channel: Trish Delish, where I post beauty, reviews, rants, mental health and cooking videos amongst other things.

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