Essential Wardrobe Staple: The Black Turtleneck

I will be uploading a video of my 5 main fashion pieces for winter soon, but I just wanted to talk about the black turtleneck for a minute.

This is an essential wardrobe piece that has stood the test of time. You would be hard pressed to find a movie star or supermodel who has not been photographed wearing a black or dark blue turtleneck going way back to the 50s.

Let’s take a look:

Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe

Even in the 1950’s the look of a turtleneck is beautiful. It showcases the face and keeps you warm, what else could you ask for in a piece of clothing?

Sharon Tate and Margot Robbie

The 70s were still rocking the mod look that started in the 60’s and Sharon Tate knew that. She dressed mod to flowerchild depending, always looking stylish and gorgeous. Margot Robbie in a similar style for her upcoming role playing Sharon in the new Tarantino movie.

Whitney Houston and Caroline Bessette- Kennedy

The 80’s were big on this look. I saw many fashion models pair a black turtleneck with fitted jeans and strappy heels. It was a sexy and chic look to go out, I would argue, it still is.

Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie.

Currently the most popular and stylish stars are still wearing the black turtleneck. It is a timeless piece. For winter, it would be one of my must haves.

I hope you have one and if not, you should get right on that before winter ends. Take my advice, I’m right about this.

My YouTube video with my other staple fashion pieces for winter will be coming soon. Stay tuned…💋

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