Best Vegan Chili Recipe

Hey guys, I’m back with another cooking video. Of coarse, you’d know that if you were subbed to me on YouTube. (@Trish Delish)

Anyway, chili is a comfort food, especially in this cold weather, so because it is winter and I’m feeling warm, I decided to share my famous(in my circle) vegan chili recipe with you lucky people. Now everyone thinks their chili is the best, but mine really is. No seriously you guys, this chili is delicious and healthy to boot. And low in fat!

I posted the video on YouTube of me making this, but if you don’t have time to watch, here’s the directions and ingredients.

You are going to need:

1 onion

1 Green Pepper

1 pound bag of beefless ground (or real meat if that’s your thing) I like the Gardein brand.

2 cans of Rotel mild tomatoes with chilis.

1 can of Rotel tomatoes with chili fixings.

1 can of kidney beans

1 can of black beans

Chili powder -1 tablespoon

Garlic powder- 1/4 teaspoon or 2 cloves of garlic.

Brown sugar- 1 teaspoon

Cumin- 1 teaspoon

Dried Oregano leaves – 1 teaspoon

Salt and pepper- to your desired taste.

Goya Adobo(optional) I put Adobo in everything.

Paprika – I just eyeball it.

Tomato paste(optional)

Yellow and Red peppers(optional)


Chop half an onion up and half a green pepper.

In a pan sprayed with Pam, put the fake meat and onions and brown on medium heat, then throw the green pepper in and stir till onions are transparent and meat looks brown, but not too brown. Remember, this is fake meat.

Lower heat and drain your kidney beans.

Then stir in your kidney beans, black beans and cans of Rotel tomatoes. Stir and put it back on medium heat. Stir well and start adding your seasonings and tomato paste. Then add 3 cups of water. Stir and set to low so it’s bubbling, but not boiling.

Some ovens have simmer, set it on simmer if you have that. Cover and let simmer for one hour, stirring occasionally.

After an hour is up, leave uncovered for 30 minutes on low to let thicken. Stirring occasionally.

That’s it. Done and you have a weeks worth of yummy warm chili to eat without any guilt about gaining, if you’re dieting that is, and If you’re not dieting or not vegan, top with sharp shredded cheese. Yum!

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