Seasons change and so does my playlist|My Musical OCD

Seasons change and so does my music.

Does anyone else do this? There are certain musical artists I must listen to in the winter and summer. I’m primarily focusing on winter and summer here because I live in Florida so it’s either hot or cold, or raining…We don’t get spring or fall.

So this applies to winter and summer mostly, let me try and explain what I do.

Winter does not officially start for me until I listen to Nightbird by Stevie Nicks off the Wild Heart album. If you have not heard this song and it’s cold where you are, do yourself a favor, make a cup of your favorite tea or cocoa, bundle up in a blanket and play this song.

You’re welcome.

Other artists I put in the winter category are almost all grunge, but especially Alice In Chains. Alice In Chains is absolutely a winter band for me. So is Nirvana and Hole. The whole Singles movie soundtrack is a must listen to in the winter. Temple of the Dog is a very winter album.

Much like Stevie Nicks, all Tori Amos must be played to the point of pissing loved ones around me off. Too bad. Tori just sounds better in the winter months. Of coarse she sounds great all the time, but in the winter, she sounds exceptionally wonderful.Soundgarden and all Chris Cornell is winter. Please don’t argue with me on this.

Garbage is a winter band to me, especially the album Version 2.0.

Lady Gaga- The Fame Monster album is winter to me, because that’s when I really discovered Gaga and went crazy, and it was cold. I specifically remember.

Beyoncé’s Lemonade is winter and summer, but I got the cd in the winter so it’s winter for me. All other Beyonce is summer. Debate me, I dare you.


On the flip side, there are summer music musts in my life, starting with all or most hair metal 80s bands. Crue, Skid Row, Def Leppard, Ratt, GnR, especially Y&T’s Summertime Girls and L.A.Rocks, must listen to’s, preferably on the beach or on my way to said beach. Whitesnake’s Still of the Night, a definite.

All David Lee Roth solo records especially Crazy from the Heat, Skyscraper and Eat em & Smile albums.

Plus all Van Halen including with Sammy.

Sade…. Sade is a must listen to for summer. Really though, Sade is one of those artists that transcends seasons and is one of my all time favorite musical artists ever!

Along with Michael Jackson, Prince, Sting, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Mariah Carey, Depeche Mode, Amy Winehouse, Rolling Stones, The Doors, all these artists are all-all time faves- though the Doors sound better in the summer. “Waiting for the sun” out in the desert taking peyote, I don’t know, they are just summer to me.

The Beatles White Album is summer.

Thievery Corporation, especially the album Saudade. So perfect for summer. My God, if you are in a passionate, romantic relationship, please take a vacation with your lover somewhere tropical and play this album.

You. Are. Welcome.

Club music from the way back machine like Blackbox and Dee-Lite, all house, C&C Music Factory, Madonna, Soul to Soul, Massive Attack, Lee Marrow’s Movin, songs like that from the late 80s early 90s including hip hop and rap are all SUMMER!

Don’t @ me.

Salt n Pepa, NWA, LL Cool J, Tupac, Dre, Geto Boys, Nas, Lauren Hill, you get the picture.

Does anyone still bump Luniz’s I got 5 on it during summertime? Lol, I do. How about Suga Suga by Baby Bash? Admit it, you do.

Gwen Stefani’s Luxurious – summer.

Fergie’s Glamorous – summer.

JLo- Let’s Get Loud – summer. Most JLO in fact is summer.

Bryan Ferry’s Bette Noire album – summer.

Sublime, Faith No More, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction, Blind Melon and Stone Temple Pilots are all summer. Why? I don’t know why, I’m just telling you my weirdness.

Scarface soundtrack, Miami Vice soundtrack, and Carlito’s Way soundtrack all get rotated in my car for summer. Carlito’s Way has disco, salsa and Santana. As Paris Hilton would say: That’s hot!

While we are here, All Santana, salsa and disco rings summertime, okayyyyy?

I don’t make these rules, it just is what it is. Are you really going to listen to Smooth by Santana and Rob Thomas in the middle of January? If you are, you are the opposite of me.

Lana Del Rey – so many summer songs, she’s a summer girl in my mind even though she’s from New York.

There’s way more summer it would seem, but that is because Florida mainly has summer more than anything. So those winter artists get played lots when it is cold because I will be putting them away when it gets hot. I mean, it would be damn difficult for me to listen to Alice In Chains in the summer, I don’t think I could do it. So this is a form of OCD I guess, but not any kind that hinders my life. It’s just what I do.

Does anyone else’s do this? Let me know in the comments and give me examples. I wanna know!

See my YouTube video for more.

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