Chanel Gabrielle Review

Hey Glam Squad, I got a perfume Review for you today. This time from the house of Chanel. The beautiful fragrance known as Gabrielle.

This is a unisex fragrance, I believe. A citrusy, white floral with some woodys notes and a little sweet to cut the citrus.

When I first smelled this, it was nothing like I expected. It doesn’t have that usual Chanel like scent running through it. Which for some, may be a good thing.

To me, this is a fruit blast! I will love this in the summer. This is a really great choice for warmer climates. After the fruitiness, I get the Ylang Ylang and the orange blossom.

I truly like this and I’m not usually a fan of citrus or Chanel fragrances really. I’ve kind of outgrown them. But this is elegant, fresh and a ‘good vibes only’ type of scent.

The bottle is also beautiful. It’s a golden delight.

Too Notes: mandarin orange, grapefruit and black current.

Heart notes: Tuberose, orange blossom, pear, ylang-ylang, pink pepper, lily of the valley.

Base Notes: sandalwood, musk.

Check out my YouTube video for more.

If you have this or have smelt it, let me know what you think in the comments.

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