JLo’s Engagement Ring

Hi folks! I wasn’t going to blog about this because I’m of the belief that everyone should do their thing, live their dream and people should stay out of others business.

However, I have to get this off my chest now because I’ve been thinking recently about how wrapped up men are with the term “gold digger.”

Now, obviously I’m not calling JLo a gold digger, I’m not calling ANY woman that because I think this term is overused and really needs to go. Not that there aren’t actual women who are really upfront about their intentions. But see, that’s the thing, they are upfront about it. So when a man gets involved with a woman that others might call a “gold digger” I just want to ask them, what is it to you anyway?

Maybe that man is interested in her implants and they both are happy with what they bring to the table. Men! Listen closely, there are not soulless gold diggers running a muck through the female collective. This is the unicorn turned monster in your paranoid mind. Relax. No one wants to take your stuff.

Most women just want you to be kind, caring and commitment minded. Okay?

Good, now that we got that out of the way, back to JLo’s ring.

I think this is the gaudiest ring I’ve ever seen.

If someone gave me this ring, I wouldn’t take it. I’d say yes to the marriage, but no to the ring. Sorry, but it’s too big. It looks like a man’s ring! Why would you want to wear a ring so big that it make your hands look like man’s hands?

Am I missing something here? Does she think the size of the ring translates to the amount of love he has for her? I’m thinking yes. Or JLo has the worst, most tackiest taste any celebrity besides Beyoncé, has, that I’ve ever seen.

(Sorry Bey, love your music, hate your clothes.)

When I look at this ring, I think of America.

This is the most American engagement ring, ever. It’s big, it’s over the top, it’s “look at me” it’s braggadocios, it’s GAUDY. It’s also nouveau riche which doesn’t make sense because both Arod and Jenny from the block have been rich for a long time.

But I guess, Luann is right. Money can’t buy you class….

And with that I wish Arod and JLo all the good luck in the world, they’re going to need it because they got engaged on a mercury retrograde.


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