Paris Hilton’s Dazzle Review

Hellooooo fabulous glam fam! I have a really awesome celebrity scent that you might want to pick up if you haven’t already.

Paris Hilton’s Dazzle

This fragrance is lovely for a celebrity scent.

I’m thinking Paris is going to knock Britney and Jessica off the top and strut right on up there and be the queen of celeb scents very soon.

Dazzle was released in 2012. I’m really late to the party on this one, but keep in mind, I’ve just recently since about last year dived into the celebrity scent arena.

The bottle is designed by Henry De Monclin and it was designed to look like a pink diamond. Of coarse, it’s Paris!

Top Notes: pink lady apple, maraschino cherry, peach nectar

Middle Notes: violet petals, pink calypso orchid, orange blossom

Base Notes: vanilla, pink champagne, white patchouli and musk.

Those are the most Paris Hilton notes I’ve ever seen. She would definitely put pink champagne in there. Is there even such a thing as pink lady apple or is that the Paris Hilton apple?

All I know is, there is no reason I would bother writing this, if I wasn’t actually impressed with this scent. I’m not a huge fan of Paris, though I do think she’s smart and more talented than people give her credit for. But I’m not sponsored or getting anything out of this. Just FYI.

Pros- It’s incredibly long lasting for a celebrity scent.

It’s soft, fruity, powdery and sweet, but not sickly sweet. It’s really, really good.

It’s extremely affordable.

The bottle is really pretty.

Cons – None.

Give it a try. And if you have it, tell me your thoughts.

You can see my whole video review on YouTube:

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