Lightworkers are Scam Artists.

Yesterday I woke up in a pretty decent mood until I decided to listen to two separate astrologers talk about what the week and weekend had in store for us under the stars.

I realized about 15 minutes in that they were both in a state of panic and really being fear mongers with the message they were sending to their listeners.

Oh no, the full moon in Aries is coming! Prepare yourself! Because Saturn is unforgiving and he’s coming for anything we depend on! Whether it’s, a job, a parent, spouse, no one is safe from everything being taken from us and us learning heavy lessons about standing on our own. You better be prepared! Well, damn. Don’t hit me with the absolute worst case scenario so early I might just not even leave the house.

There was this one guy, an astrologer, a “lightworker” who went on a tangent about people who depend on the government or have government jobs, and the government shutdown earlier, how they need to find another income source or perhaps scale down on what they need to survive because there are people totally happy living in vans now.

His video –

What in the world?!!

I thought to myself, imagine if there’s someone listening to them right now, maybe they got into astrology for some answers, they are alone, they rely on a government check for some reason and they’ve just heard this message of doom and go kill themselves because the one thing they rely on, may be taken away according to this guy, when Saturn transits whatever and the Aries full moon blah blah blah.

These are the hopeful messages coming from the “light workers?”

Okay, you’re probably saying, I’m taking it out of context. Give the listeners more credit.

Well, it only takes one listener to hear that and fall apart and commit suicide. Only one. And these spiritual “gurus” would never even know they were the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I come home later and one woman astrologer, from LiveVisions, yeah I’m naming them all, because at this point, I think these people are dangerous. They are out there selling anger, negativity and fear to people looking for answers and hope.

Anyway, this woman posts on Facebook that she has to do the Aries New Moon video over because it was so negative. Real screenshot.

I’m like ‘what is going on here?’ Who are these people? What makes them different from any snake handler speaking in tongues or Jim Jones for that matter?

If you think I’m being dramatic, just remember this, Jim Jones started out hopeful and that’s how he gained followers.

Let me tell you something. People doing tarot, astrologers, the crystal people, these “lightworkers” they are all making a fortune on YouTube now because people are having a bad time and looking for help anywhere they can find it.

These charlatans are collecting big bank for spewing out garbage, making their followers dependent on the next message they hear that might be better. This is the scam. A total scam.

Back to the influence and why they are dangerous, in my opinion.

What’s to say that one of the more negative or angry “lightworkers” has something happen in their life, God forbid, that is so bad, that they take the few steps down the rabbit hole and start talking mad crazy shit and people who have been following them for years, go right along with them?

Don’t believe it can happen? Two words – Charles Manson.

That is the extreme possibility, granted. But even the least damage they can do and are doing, is putting people in a state of anxiety and co-dependence waiting on their next message, all the while screwing them out of money.

You might as well throw your money in the trash.

While you’re giving these scammers money, they’re actual homeless people, hungry children, disabled veterans, sick and abandoned animals who could use your money and you’re wasting it on these fools.

Who’s the fool now?

Just know that while it’s admirable to search for a spiritual path that works for you and to use tools to better understand yourself or people around you, know that I have tried this for about 5 years now and I know NOTHING more about myself than I did.

I’ve judged people because of their sign and have waited to make decisions at certain times, when there is absolutely no proof that I had to wait in the first place.

I’ve felt bad about myself because of my sign and what people have written or said about it.

This morning I got so mad at these two astrologers, I started yelling and my dogs got upset. That’s when the shit ends. If you and your negative bullshit is making me feel so bad, I yell and get my blood pressure up because of anyone, ANYONE, and it affects my home life, It. Is. Over.

So you’re free to follow and believe all these astrologers, tarot readers, “lightworkers” but I’m done. The world is not ending and this full moon will come and go and we will all be fine. Have faith and you’ll be good.

And if you’re mad about this post:

All I’m doing is sharing my realization and MY opinion because if one person reading this needs to hear it, I’ve done my part.

2 thoughts on “Lightworkers are Scam Artists.

  1. Totally agree. Everyone is looking for answers. The truth is no one has the answer. It’s an individual search for everyone. Have faith & always look at the bigger picture.

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    1. Very good summary, this lughtworker bullshit is taking over the brains of people who think they are special.


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