Let’s talk about the Madonna Eurovision performance.

Let me start by saying, I have been a Madonna fan since she came onto the scene in rubber bracelets, net tank tops and unwashed hair. I loved her high energy dance music and always thought she was a beautiful Italian-American woman who worked super hard and made it on her own terms with more creativity than talent, but still driven and talented in her own way.

If you look back at my blog posts, I even wrote an extensive post when it was her 60th birthday and have always defended her here and on my channel, on social media about the ageism that is thrown at her.

So when I tell you, that I can no longer support her, you can know for certain that this it’s not something I want to do, but she has pushed it too far for me to just brush it under the rug as “performance art” or Madonna’s usual attention seeking ways.

Nope. This is next level satanic worship in the holy land where she brought Palestinian flags to wave for what reason again? To bring the two together? Sorry, but no. Madonna is not going to bring peace to the Middle East with her awful new music. It was to stir up conflict, of coarse.

And then there’s this.

And thisThis

And this

At one point there looked to be hell fire in the background, I kid you not. Or NOT! As Madge used to say.

Nothing at all to see here, sheeple. Keep it moving.

Nah, no messages in this, it’s just Madonna being Madonna…

Sorry, but if you want to keep your head in the sand, by all means. Have at it. But don’t ever say you weren’t warned. Because I am not the only one saying it. I mean, you know it’s bad when even non religious people are like – yeah, that looks a little satanic.

Btw, the eyepatch and grill look stupid and she was off key to the point that it was unlistenable. If you came for the music, my condolences.

Please feel free to reply to me in the comments with any alternative theory on this performance. I am open to respectful discourse.

As of now though, I’m done with Madge, Esther, Mombo, Baphomet’s lady friend, whatever she is calling herself now. I am not down with it.

And she’s still stealing from people. Bette Davis did it first. Be more original, Ciccone.

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