Getting Botox and Juvederm in my face!

Hey glam fam! Guess where I’ve been? I went and got Juvederm and Botox in my face and neck….and lips, but more about that later.

Let’s go over it, shall we?

So my first choice was a well respected doctor in my area and I made an appointment. Two days before my appointment, they called me and said he had a family emergency so I had to reschedule. That was fine except not really because I wanted this done before a big event coming up.(more about that in a future post)

So I panicked and booked another appointment at a a place called One Aesthetics in Winter Park, Fl which is actually about an hour or more from me, but turns out, it was well worth the drive.

I mention them because if you are ever in the Central Florida area, around Winter Park, this is the place to go! First of all, they are amazingly friendly and the place is beautiful. They really made me feel super comfortable.

The owner Aime Evans is beautiful and her face looks natural even with filler and Botox, which is important because you don’t want to look overdone. Second and most important, my injector Ashley Potenberg, also beautiful, did such an amazing job that when I went to the super reputable plastic surgeon a week later to see about getting more, he’s like where? You don’t need anymore. She did a fantastic job.

So yay! I always want more of everything so I always need a second person to tell me what’s what or I’d probably look like one of those overly”Housewives.”

Let’s look at some before and after shots.

Amazing plump face on the right. Love it!

Still a little red on the “After” pic on right, but

You can see where it’s lifted.

See that shadow on the right pic where my beauty mark is? That’s my cheekbones you guys! Lifted like Nicole freaking Kidman. I’m so elated with the results!

I mean, it’s so worth it if you have the funds. The Juvederm lasts a year, the lower face with Juvederm Voluma XC can last close to two years and the Botox last 3 to 6 months.

Did it hurt? – No. They numb you with cream and it’s very tolerable.

Is it expensive? – Yes. I won’t lie. You’ll want to start saving because even once you’re done, in order to maintain results, you will have to go at least twice a year for upkeep.

Are results instant? – No. The Botox takes 3 days to a week to really show. The juvaderm may bruise, but you can cover with makeup if you need to.

We’re you nervous? – No. For some reason I am not nervous about things like this, but will freak out sometimes over little things like checking everything off my lists.

How much did you get in your lips? – I only got 1 syringe of Restylane.

I will do a second blog post about the lip injections. I literally got them today and I’m super puffy and kind of tired.

But I did film myself right after I got them!

You can see my results at the end of the video below.

Stay glam dolls! I will keep you posted..

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