So You Want to Get Lip Injections?

You know if you’ve been reading my blog, that I’ve been making the craziest life decisions lately, why not continue down the “oh F’ it, let’s do it” spiral and get my lips blown up like a proper YouTuber?

Okay then….Let’s jump right in.

When basketball all-star Joel Embiid told us to trust the process over a year ago, he ended his playoff series crying like a little girl when his Sixers lost to the Raptors. My “trust the process” story went in a similar direction.

I felt it just last week when I went and got my top lip injected with one whole syringe of Restalyn. You heard me. I got 1 full syringe in one lip, the top lip.

How I didn’t look like Jimmie Walker punched in the face, I promise you, I do not know.

Trust the process I thought…

It would swell for a couple of days they said.

It will probably bruise, they said.

You will probably end up crying like a grown ass ball player who lost his first playoff series after telling everyone including himself to “trust the process”

No one said that, but THAT is indeed what happened. I needed the Waaaambulance!

So let me make crap life decisions and blog about it, so you don’t have to.

1st day of injections.


2nd day from front and side w/bruises. 3rd day, still bruised4th day side viewSaturday

I basically use that Revlon lip stain that I have reviewed here on Glam Syndicate. In the shade Stellar Sunrise to cover the remaining bruise.

All in all though, I really love them.

Yeah, I probably look like I got lip injections And hopefully they will settle down, but I don’t care. I really love how they look on me.

Pain level- first day and night, sore as a mofo. Ice ice baby…

After that, nothing but the annoying bruising, but I have read that people bruise differently and I do tend to bruise easily.

Plus your first time, it’s likely you will bruise. Eat pineapple!🍍or take Arnica pills.

Till next time…… big kiss, little hug.

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