Honeymoon in Nevada. #Travel

Hey babes, long time no blog right? Sorry about that, I basically had a big life event happen. My wedding! If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know this.

Anywayy… have you ever wanted to visit Nevada? Well, I never thought about it either till recently,


Okay, let’s do this!

So Wednesday June 21st, I flew into Reno.

Gamble, it’ll be fun they said…There are slot machines everywhere, they are even in the Reno airport.

You can start gambling literally the moment you step off the plane.

The wedding was beautiful and we stayed overnight at the Peppermill Resort in Reno before embarking on our honeymoon adventure.

I thought I’d share this, just incase anyone was thinking about traveling somewhere new. Here’s a nice trip idea.

We went to Lake Tahoe, around the Sierras, into Verdi, California and back to Reno, Nevada. (Thanks to my hubby for putting this all together.)

It’s a really cool idea for a getaway to see some really beautiful landscapes, get outdoors in the sunshine, do a little hiking or rafting, then come back and party, dance and gamble in the city, if you so choose. The weather was close to perfect. Warm with a cool breeze most of the days.

Here’s some beautiful pictures of Mount Rose Summit, a few miles northeast of Lake Tahoe with elevation of 10776ft! We are talking high altitude, people.

We went to Lake Tahoe National Park for a little hiking and photography.

Beautiful, isn’t it? I think I’m really getting better with my photo taking and seriously thinking about taking photography classes soon.

The next day we went to California to hike this trail where the Truckee River goes through to Nevada. It’s a must if you’re a hiker or rafter. Back to Nevada where the Truckee River still flows. We saw some kayakers getting their wave on.

Wipeout!A family of ducks.One duck followed us. I think he thought we had food.

Beautiful flowers grow wild all over Reno.

Back to Reno nightlife! Where I got to play out my Ginger from Casino fantasy. 😉 What fun it was! We really had a great time.

So I highly recommend visiting Reno, Nevada. See all the glitz, flash and pizazz it has to offer. Take a gamble.

Afterwards, you are right in driving distance to Tahoe, Sierra Nevada and California. Witness the beauty of the mountains, redwoods, rivers, creeks, nature trails and scenic views that will blow your mind.

If you’re outdoorsy or looking to get some great photos or vlogging footage, or just connect with nature, I think it’s a great choice for a honeymoon or vacation.

Did I mention you can see the Rat Pack?

You can actually see quite a few acts if you time your trip accordingly. Sia was playing in a week.

Hope you enjoyed me sharing my trip to Nevada with you, dear readers. I hope you get to see all that Nevada has to offer one day.

Now I will leave you with the world famous ‘awful awful burger’ as seen on Food Wars at Little Nugget Diner. Do yourself a favor…

[all photos mine except Casino- credit to Universal Pictures]

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