Thinking of getting a Thread-Lift?

Hey glam dolls! I have been waiting to update about this because I wanted to take all the pictures of the healing timeline process.

Do you want to know what a threadlift is? Well it has been around for a while, starting over in Russia and Asia, then France and Europe, then over here in the states.

Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian have raved about it and now that I have had it done, I’m convinced that most celebrities have this done.

Let’s explain the process.

Basically they inject your face with little threads in a criss cross manner. What this does is lift and also stimulates collagen. Did I mention that this lift can last up to three years! That alone, along with the price is so worth it, in my opinion.

Under your neck they stick the threads in the side of your neck almost by your hairline and basically pull and lift then cut the thread. You feel lifted immediately and when you look in the mirror, you are!

Now, the downside for me was bruising. And a little pain.

I have fair, Irish skin naturally. Every tan picture you see of me is tanner, I can assure you. I am pale and I just bruise easily. You may not.

Here are some timeline pictures to show you the process.

First day right after procedure:

You can see the criss cross marks on the right.

Second Day:

I have ointment and Arnica gel on my cheeks that is what’s shiny. Those little square bandages are where the injections were stuck.

Fourth Day just waking up:

Don’t pay attention to my look here, I’m always grouchy when I wake up before I’ve had my Starbucks espresso.

Fifth Day:

The face and neck is lifted, hallelujah!!! I’m so happy that this can make your neck look loads better without having to go under anesthesia AND at a way cheaper price!

Sixth Day:

I put a little CC cream and powder on, but you can still see the bruise. Oh well, I went out and everyone treated me really well, so they either think I’m pretty or an abused woman, not sure, but I don’t care if I’m bruised or not, I love how high my cheekbones look and seeing my old(young) jawline is worth it.

Week later:

Still bruised, but again…I am not pressed by it because I knew going it, I would bruise.

The lifting and plumping is amazing though y’all. Look at before and after!

No makeup. Focus on the lift and not my dark under eye bags, thanks.

Do I look 48 to you? No way. This lift is amazing!

So to sum it all up. Would I do it again? Yes! In a heartbeat. This is one of the best procedures to get especially if you are unhappy with your neck. I just got my passport picture taken and my neck looked amazing even in that!

It is said to last three years and I pray it does. In the meantime I will touch up with botox if needed. But the thread-lift has made me so happy. It has only gotten better with time. After a month of having it done, I still had slight bruising on one cheek, but that has recently gone and I swear my cheeks have made more collagen and my textured areas are less.

Definitely worth it.

(recent pic)

(No Makeup)

Hope this helped you in making your decision. Any questions, leave in the comments and I will reply to the best of my knowledge.

If you’re in the Winter Park, Florida area, this is the place I went to have this done and I highly recommend you go here to get all your anti-aging/skincare needs met.

One Aesthetics

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