A Simple Favor – Movie Review

I hardly ever watch a movie these days where after it’s over I want to tell everyone I know to go see it or I want to talk to the person I saw it with for an hour and go over different scenes I remember, or I go to work the next day and ask everyone “Did you see such and such?”

I’m usually dragged to popcorn blockbusters that I most likely end up hating or just responding “meh” to.

That is not the case with A Simple Favor.

If you have not seen this movie, look it up and find out where you can see it or buy the DVD and watch it ASAP.

When A Simple Favor first came out last year, I only remember Blake Lively’s wardrobe. I specifically googled pictures and pinned them all over my Pinterest. I remember saying, I need to see that, but I think a lot was going on, as usual and I forgot about it.

Cut to the other night when I finally watched it.

First though, her freaking clothes!

I like Blake Lively well enough. I thought she was really good in The Shallows, but I didn’t think she could carry a movie. Well, officially put my name in the Blake Lively fan club because she is fantastic in this film.

I can’t tell you much about the plot. See, that’s the thing. With a movie like this, you can’t tell anything about it without possibly giving something away so you can only recommend it.

And I highly do.

I can however tell you about the very cool 60’s Bond like intro, the superb soundtrack with such hidden gems as Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot’s ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ song. The very creative and witty dialogue. The twist and turns. Wow, this movie had me not knowing what was coming next. It was a wild ride. I love movies like that.

And of coarse, Blake’s character Emily’s clothing style. The coolest.

Anna Kendrick is also excellent in it. In fact, everyone in great in their roles. If you have not seen this and like thrillers, mysteries, film noir or just want something different than comic book nonsense.

A Simple Favor is the movie for you.

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