The best person I ever met!

Hey glam fam, today I am writing a story that’s not about anything glamorous, but more something from my heart.

If these kind of things are not your cup of tea, you can scroll on. I won’t be offended.

This story is about the best person I ever had the fortune of meeting in my lifetime and that is a woman named Roxanna Kestner.

She was just a girl when I met her, it was 7th grade, I believe and I had a little group in school, a clique if you will, that I was the head of. Think Regina George without the God complex. I was nice. When I met Roxanna, she was going by Roxanne and I think I always teased her a little by singing the Police song “Roxanne” which was one of the most annoying things I could do, as she really hated that song.

As time passed, she became one of the gang and the more I hung around her, the less I wanted to hang out with the other girls. Not for any personal reasons on their part, but when you click with someone, when you can totally be yourself around another person and they “get” you and you don’t have to worry about them judging you. Basically when you can trust a person, you just know. And I knew she was special and someone I could trust.

We had some of the best times together. We went on trips to Key West to see my family, we went to concerts, sneaked into clubs, we would watch horror movies and eat pizza, just all the things best friends do, plus she had a similar sense of humor and to be honest, Roxanne is one of the quickest, funniest people I’ve ever met. She could make me laugh until my sides hurt. We did a lot of creative projects together too. We created a rap duo named Dez Damez and wrote raps, we made up characters and drew them, we actually thought up Beavis and Butthead before that show was ever even on, we just called our characters, Buddy and Neal.

We wrote stories and sang songs loud in the car, we used to do Bohemian Rapsody in different voices, it was hilarious. She was very supportive of my talent and I felt more confident to pursue more of my creative side because when you have someone who believes in you, it is the best feeling in the world.

As we got older, became adults, we drifted apart because she wanted to travel and I wanted to stay and be famous at this club called Aahz. I know, stupid, but I was 19.

I really regretted that our friendship ended and that it was in part because I was so selfish and demanding. I do take responsibility for that now, but at the time, my ego wouldn’t let me, I just carried on like I didn’t care.

Thing is, I never stopped caring. I would have periodic dreams of her. Think about what is she doing? Just out of curiosity. This is a person I loved and shared some of the best times in my life with. It’s natural to go back and be nostalgic about a person like that.

Anyway, I found out a year ago that she joined the Peace Corps and went to Uganda for a few years to teach kids to read. I think my jaw about hit the floor when I found out. The more I thought about it however, Roxanna really is an amazing person. Why of coarse she’s doing something this wonderful. I was so proud and I felt such admiration for her. I was so grateful that I got to spend some time with such a selfless, thoughtful and intelligent human being.

She has more integrity than anyone I know. She’s the realest of real. One of the most unique and interesting people out there in the world. And if for some reason, I never see or talk to her again, I wanted to write it down in this blog, so it will always be here, that she was the greatest person I ever met.

You are, Roxy. If you ever stumble upon this blog. I want you to know, I will always hold you in the highest regard. You are at the top. Someone I would be happy to tell the whole world about because you deserve recognition for what you do, who you are and what you conquered to become the person you are today. You’re a true leader. You are the only person in this whole world that if you said, hey you want to go somewhere, I’d drop everything and go.

That’s how much I love you and always will.

You are an inspiration to me and to the human race.

Your forever best friend,


One thought on “The best person I ever met!

  1. For anyone reading this today, the message is quite simple but not understood by the majority of people. You never appreciate what you have until you no longer have it. Life is short. Most times you won’t have a second chance.

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