Bellafill, what is it?

Hey glam fam! A beauty post, can you believe it? Y’all know my shallow ass can’t stay profound for too long. A few months ago I went to my girls at One Aesthetics, mostly for botox, but I was also interested in this fairly new filler called Bellafill. One Aesthetics is one of the few places around me that has it. It is the only FDA approved filler for acne scars and it lasts 5 years to forever depending on how many sessions you have.

I just had my first session and I can already tell you, that my whole left cheek is practically free of acne marks. What? Is this even possible? It looks like it so far. Now I’m still bruised and red, so we won’t know the actual true results until the bruised go away, but so far, I’m amazed.

This is the day of and day after. (I bruise easily)

UPDATE: This is after the bruising went away, about a week.

You can see their is still some discoloration and texture, but nothing like it was. I will never have porcelain Nicole Kidman skin, but I can live happy with my skin here.

Before and after Bellafill. I’m wearing makeup in the left pic and you can see that I still couldn’t cover the scars. Right pic is no makeup! A big difference to me.

Updated Oct/2019: Here’s a recent pic of me in the morning with no makeup and no filters. I mean, I think that’s pretty good.

So that is my skin with literally no filter or smoothed parts from a skin app. It looks exceptionally good here. Sometimes it looks less because I don’t drink enough water, but I am working on that.😛

Do I love this filler? Yes. In fact, as soon as I pay off my credit card, I’m going to get the other cheek done and probably the chin area. I just want to point out that other people have had different results with this filler and there are some stories on the internet which may or may not be true. I don’t know because I’m not concerned with it. Like with everything, there are risks. I don’t worry about stuff like that and if you’ve had other filler before, you should be fine. But if you are the type that lives on WebMD, you may want to do some research or just stay away from filler all together. Although just to let you know, filler is just hyaluronic acid that breaks down eventually, it’s not a foreign body. If that eases your mind. You can read more about Bellafill Here.

As I always say, you do you boo.

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