KKW Diamonds Fragrance Review

Hey there glam fam, I have a KKW Diamond fragrance review for you today. How does that sound? Let’s dive right in shall we?

First of all, the packaging. The Diamond bottles come in separate boxes where they are made to stay I assume because you can not stand them on your dresser. This is an annoying little detail for me, but worth noting for perfectionist peeps like myself. The whole Diamond bottle is beautiful and I want to display it on my dresser, but I have to lean it up against something or lay it flat which just looks stupid so I don’t know why they couldn’t just shape the bottom of the bottle with just a bit more width so you could stand it up, but whatever.

Onto the actual fragrances.

I only bought Kim and Khloe’s because Kourtney is the least interesting to look at. No, but seriously, I didn’t want to pay for all three so I picked the two that I thought I would like the best. Sorry, Kourt, but you don’t care anyway with your I don’t care about anything but Poosh and my kids, so whatevs attitude. Look at me just assuming Kourtney is reading this. Ha!

So the first Diamond, Kim’s is a white floral and a yellow floral. Kim loves her florals doesn’t she? This smells like a light version of Michael Kors signature with a little added coconut and musk. And I mean a little, a smidge, a tiny little bit. If you want a day fragrance or a work fragrance especially for the summer months, this is a good pick. It’s nothing super different and outstanding, it’s just a nice light floral that is inoffensive so definitely the best pick for a work scent.

Khloe’s pink diamond however is mucho bellisimo! Did I just mix languages? Well, it’s good. To me, this smells like honeysuckle but I could find no proof anywhere that any honeysuckle was used in the making of this fragrance so I am confused. It is sweet and I think a nighttime scent that would be great for date night. This sucker lasts! I put one spray on in the morning because I did not know what to expect and later that night while I was in bed, I turned around and caught a whiff and that was it. I am down with this one. I can see myself wearing this everyday. I will probably mix it with something else, but it can be wore alone and still shine.

The notes as stated on Fragrantica( where I review fumes under the name SniffyLarue)


Opening: Morning Dew Accord, Italian Bergamot, Sparkling Pink Puff Violet Accord
Heart: Pink Sapphire Tuberose, Blushing Jasmine, Sweet Lilac Blossoms
Finish: Sensual Cloud Musk, Dreamy White Moss, Sundrenched Driftwood


Opening: Tropical Floral Leaves, Sugar Coated ginger, Wild Armoise Morocco Organic
Heart: Ylang Ylang Oil Cosmors Orpur, Orange Flower Absolute Orpur, Exotic Sampaguita Blossom
Finish: Coconut Milk Cream, Heavenly White Musk, Solar White Floral

For a Black Friday sale, these are a nice treat yo self gift or if you know a Kardashian fan, this would be a kool Khristmas gift. 😉

Buy Here

I will be reviewing this on my channel soon, so stay tuned and go subscribe if you aren’t already at Trish Delish. 💋

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