Happy New Year Glam Fam!

Hey beauties! I know I haven’t posted in a while and hopefully next year I will be able to write about all the stuff that went down in 2019 that pulled me out of being able to post and upload videos on YouTube in a consistent manner.

It’s not exactly what I want to write about right now as we head into the new decade. I want this new year to be about change and reinvention. While this year has been extremely difficult, it was very eye opening and I’ve learned valuable lessons for which I’m thankful. I hope all of you can find something to be grateful for learning in 2019 as well.

Whatever you went through, good or bad, we are going into a new year and a new decade. It is a new time for me, for you, for the whole world. Let’s do better, be better and make our world better. I’m committed to doing this and I hope you’ll join me in committing to it too.

The work will be hard, but if we root for each other and stay committed to our growth, we WILL achieve all that we desire. I truly believe that.

I love you all and thank you for reading and following my blog. I will see you in 2020. 💋

Happy New Year glam dolls, keep sparkling!

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