Calvin Klein Women Review

Calvin Klein has never let me down in the past, but I drifted away from their fragrances after the 90s when my beloved Obsession had a bit of a reformulation that lightened it’s intensity.

That amber colored, sultry, incensey juice was a must have for me. I remember spraying it on me when my boyfriend, at the time, and I would go to his mom’s house to steal food. Good times.

Anyway, when I saw that Calvin Klein had a new fragrance out called Women, I was curious, but I didn’t run out and grab it. Fast forward a month ago when I saw that Scentbird had it. I had to put it in my queue. Yesterday I got it and I wore it last night and this morning I could still smell it.

I was shuffling around the kitchen this morning and was like “Mmmm, what smells good?” I finally realized it was me. It was Women.

This is a very clean light and natural scent that is perfect for summer. It’s a white tee-shirt, jeans, wet hair and sunglasses, driving with the top down kind of scent.

The notes are as follows:

TOP NOTES: Eucalyptus, Black Pepper, Bergamot, Grapefruits, Lemons.

MIDDLE NOTES: Orange blossom, Magnolia, Jasmine, Hedione, Raspberry.

BASE NOTES: Cedar, Olibanum, Ambroxan, Cashmere, Violet, White Musk.

I, personally, like it a lot. Will it be one of my must have perfumes like Obsession? Probably not, but it’s still nice pick me up summer scent for this year. I will be using this baby. I reviewed in on Fragrantica and will be uploading a review on my YouTube channel Trish Delish soon! Go subscribe!

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