PDO Threads, What are they?

Hey Glam Fam! I think I wrote about PDO threads before, but I just thought I’d talk about them again if anyone’s interested because with all the anti-aging procedures like botox and filler getting all the attention, I don’t think PDO threads get enough love. PDO, which stands for polydioxanone, are FDA approved threads made of protein that are injected into the skin, muscle or subcutaneous fat with a needle by a licensed medial professional and the results are AMAZING. Firmer, tighter skin can be yours with very little down time if any.

PDO threads are a wise investment because they last. The thing is that, although it’s a little more uncomfortable than getting Botox, PDO threads last longer and the benefits, such as promoting new collagen in the skin makes it so worth it. Especially in conjunction with Botox, Disport or Jeaveau. So while your skin looks firmer, the overall texture is also improved. Goodbye crepe skin! Bye bye sagging jowls. The body produces extra collagen in reaction to the threads. You will never need to go under the knife if you get a couple of threads every now and then. I can’t stress enough how easy and less painful this is over surgery. The threads will dissolve within 12 weeks, but the results can last up to 2 years for some people.

Since I have had this done before, I can say from experience, that for me, my lift lasted about a year, which I still say is absolutely worth it and I will continue to do this over anything surgical. The place I trust my face the most with is One Aesthetics in Winter Park, FL. My injector Ashley Potenberg is an absolute pro at finding the areas you need tweaked and making you look amazing. She has taken years off my face and neck and I will never stop referring people to One Aesthetics. I believe in them that much. The proof is in the pictures!

No turkey neck this Thanksgiving.

I put up a video of the actual procedure on my Instagram. Follow me @GlamSyndicate on IG to see. It’s truly interesting to watch. Pain level- not bad while it’s happening, but sore for a couple of days, for me anyway. Tylenol or Ibuprofen will be just fine for any discomfort.

Price – Depends on your location and the area on your face and/or body done. Anywhere from 200 to 2000 dollars so it’s best to get a consultation, ask questions and go from there. More pics below. I hope this helped anyone who has been wondering about getting PDO threads and to all my beautiful glam fam, have a wonderful weekend, I love you guys!💋

Sagging chin? What sagging chin?
Got my jawline back! Yippee!

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