Ariana Grande’s Cloud Review

I know I’m late to the party on this one, but what else is new? I’m always late. Anyway, recently I had a really bad week, I mean BAD. And if you watch my channel, TRISHALENA on YOUTUBE. You know that my love of perfume started when I was young and went through a difficult time. My mother bought me a little bottle of perfume and it made me feel tons better. So it’s kinda been a thing ever since.

She saw that I was clearly in dire need of a perfume to uplift my mood. Enter Ariana Grande’s CLOUD. I had been talking about this one ever since I smelled it on my teacher at esthetician school. It smelled so nice on her, I had to get a bottle and see if I would have the same luck.

So my mother knew about it and got me a big bottle. First thing: The bottle.

Not a big fan of the packaging. The white plastic “cloud” the bottle sits in is cheap looking and smells. So get rid of that as soon as you can.

In the trash it went. I rather just have the simple blue bottle sitting on my dresser. Thanks. So let’s get to the fragrance, shall we?

Top notes: Bergamot, lime, lavender

Middle notes: Coconut, whipped cream, praline and vanilla orchid

Base notes: Woody notes and musk.

Can you say YUMMY? Did Ariana pick these notes herself, I wonder? If she did, I have not given that girl enough credit. This is cotton candy in liquid form. It’s BODY Fantasies Cotton Candy if it was turned into an extract or Parfum. Delightful!

Since I am a huge fan of Body Fantasies Cotton Candy since forever, this is a dream…in a cloud. A sweet dream in a fluffy cloud of creamy coconut with praline dream.

I love anything that sends the part of my scent memory brain back to a more carefree time in life, when we were free to breathe fresh air without masks on. The fair would roll into town and me and my bestie would buy the big giant bags of cotton candy and ride the Super Himalaya. Ah good times.

This scent is described as a sweet, lactonic, coconut scent. But if you ask me, it’s sweet cotton candy liquid heaven. Plus it smells exactly like it did on my teacher, on me. So there’s no weird chemistry thing where you may not be able to wear it. It is sweet creamy dreamy on everyone. It’s surprisingly long lasting for a celebrity scent. I can smell this all day if I put it on in the morning.

Check this one out. For 40 bucks, I don’t think you can go wrong.

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