My Dermalogica Morning Skincare routine.

Hey glam fam! Some people have requested since I am an esthetician, to show my skin care regimen. So I thought I’d share my super easy, super fast, daily skincare with you.

First, I cleanse with Dermalogica’s cleanser. This cleanser is so great. It doesn’t strip your skin at all, but cleans it and make your skin feel wonderful. Next, I tone with the Dermalogica plumping toner spray. Just a few spritzes and you’re good. Toner helps refresh and plump the skin.

Then I dot three dots of Active Moist moisturizer on my cheeks, forehead and chin and massage gently till completely absorbed. Gentle massage of your skin detoxes it and stimulates for more collagen to generate.

Next I wait a few minutes to put my sunscreen on. Ideally you want to wait a few minutes in between product application so they have the chance to sink in and not mix with other products compromising the ingredients.

Next I use Obaji Sunscreen SPF50. This is my absolute go to sunscreen. This sunscreen is ideal for textured and oily skin. It mattifys and smooths out the skin perfectly priming it for makeup afterwards, if you so desire. You can wear the sunscreen alone and still have a hydrated, matte face. A delight!

Watch me go through my regimen on YouTube and stay fabulous lovlies!

My Daily Skincare

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