Cacharel Yes I Am Fragrance Review

Hey glam fam, today in Sunday Scents, I’m reviewing Cacharel’s Yes I Am.

This cold weather fragrance is a lovely blend of raspberry and cherries with a milky vibe that is reminiscent of a raspberry milkshake. Yummy.

Along with raspberry, the top notes consist of mandarin orange, lemon and bergamot.

Middle notes are gardenia, ginger flower, amber and rose.

And the base notes are milk, vanilla, cardamom, caramel, licorice, coumarin, sandalwood, amber wood and benzoin.

I get the raspberry, milk and benzoin straight away in the opening, than the other base notes reveal themselves. The licorice note is not unlike the one in Angel. To me, it smells like menthol. Luckily it doesn’t last long and you can enjoy the perfume even if you dislike licorice.

This fragrance is classified as a sweet, warm spicy, lactonic, vanilla, fruity, caramel scent and I’d say that’s pretty accurate. It’s not on the level of YSL’s Black Opium, but it’s above a drugstore scent.

For seasoned frag heads, this fragrance is reminiscent of Revlon’s Fire & Ice or Coty’s ICI.

It’s Fire & Ice with a raspberry twist and Ici without the cacao notes. I really like it and I love the kitsch bottle. Some people think it’s gaudy, but I get the joke and find it collectible worthy, if you are a perfume bottle lover. (Which I am)

To hear more of my take on it, check out my video on YouTube.

Trisha Sword

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