My Glamour Inspirations

Marilyn Monroe

I have loved Marilyn Monroe for so many years and for so many reasons. I started by getting books about her when I was around 13 and really felt a kinship with her because of similar things like growing up without a father, not a lot of family or money, being alone in the world, escaping my problems through glamour and make-believe. My great Uncle used to call me Norma Jean, because I looked similar and even lightened my hair to strawberry blonde like Norma Jean. I love that Marilyn was vulnerable and just out there, honest about her problems. I too struggled with anxiety, depression, pills and alcohol abuse and somehow managed to come through it. Marilyn was not as lucky.

Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick was a total wild child and trendsetter. She lived life on the edge and was a hot mess, but also fabulous in every way. I was obsessed with her in my early 20s. Chasing life and every party around town. She was a will-o’-the-wisp, as they say. She also battled an eating disorder, addictions and problems with men. All things I could relate to. Naturally glamorous was definitely Edie though, despite everything, she could pull it together and look like a million bucks.

Drew Barrymore 90s.

Drew Barrymore and I were never in the same room together in the 90s and that’s probably because someone would have had to die, lol. We basically rocked the same dyed blonde, vamp lipstick, hippy chic, party girl aesthetic, but I didn’t copy her at all, people would just constantly tell me I looked like her. Whatever, we’re both Pisces and kinda crazy.

Courtney Love 90s

Because I had a big mouth and hung out with drag queens, I guess it was inevitable that I would love Miss Love. She was THE ‘It Girl’ of the 90s. I followed her career from grunge groupie to Mrs. Kurt Cobain, than widowed drug addled maniac to Hollywood accepted glam goddess to nervous breakdown in Bellevue. Courtney will always be a polarizing figure and for that, she’s one of my bad ass boss bitch sheros.

Brigitte Bardot

I really started to get into Bardot in my late 20’s. Mainly due to her fashion sense. To this day, out of all my style inspirations, I still rock a Bardot-esq look from my shaggy bangs to the bohemian, casual fashion choices. Here I am on the beach with my long Bardot inspired hair and capris. Ex had to be a clown so he’s clowned out.

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn is an inspiration to me because she is beautiful and funny and her own person. I must have watched Private Benjamin and Seems like old Times a thousand times. I admire her free spirit and loyal bond with longtime love Kurt Russell.

Courtney Shayne

Because everything is peachy fucking keen, got it? Good. Toodles.

Heather Locklear

Heather and I follow each other on social media. I adore her. She is truly a sweetheart and a firecracker. I don’t care what scandalous headlines she makes, I will always love Amanda Woodward with her over bleached hair and cute little business suits. Heather is more than just a pretty face, that’s why she gets in trouble sometimes, she’s a warrior through and through under that tiny frame though so there’s nothing that’s going to stop her for too long. I root for Heather always.

I don’t have a picture of me looking like Heather unfortunately, I’m not that pretty, lol.


Last but not least, the grand dame, Queen of histrionic exhibitionism, goddess of club music and ever changing personas, the bitchiest of all bitches, the lady who changed her hair so much, I couldn’t keep up. Her Madgesty, Madge, Emmy, M, Esther, Mo, Madonna Louise Ciccone. Really there’s not enough room for me to go into an essay about Madonna, I’d be here all day. Suffice to say, I had the jacket, the rubber bracelets, the sparkle boots, everything. Btw, I saw those boots on EBay going for thousands! I wish I knew where mine went. I can’t find any pics of me in the Susan jacket, but here’s me and a friend glamming it up for Key West’s Fantasy Fest. This is very Marilyn/Madonna Material Girl.

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