Stay Positive⭐️

Hello Glam Fam, here is the place where I tell you that no matter what has happened to you, whatever went on in your past, you can choose to change and practice having a positive attitude and your life will change for the better.

Now, I am not trying to sell you anything. I practice this every day, it takes work if you are a natural pessimist like myself, but I know I feel better when I stay with God, pray and never give into negativity or listen to negative people around me.

I have had problems with depression, anxiety, alcohol in my past. It has not been easy. But through faith and prayer, I have conquered my demons. Now I choose to be an inspiration to others who may be struggling.

Practice being excited about your life and it becomes a habit.

Walk in nature, rescue an animal, make someone laugh or smile, organize your closet, put on your favorite music and dance, little things like that can get you out of any gloom and doom thinking that might be occupying your brain. I hope together we can shine our inner spotlight out to the world and that is how you become naturally glamorous, which is the best glamour of all.

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